Global, Smart, Innovative!  We have developed our business in line with this corporate motto.

The modern world economy is limitless and fast. Standard products or mass consumer goods are distributed virtually across continents, often from the desk and in “real time”.

Sirius TLC GmbH, founded in 2011, has in recent years, with the support of our local and global partners, expanded its range of services and products to meet the growing needs of a growing customer base. We maintain a close relationship between quality and performance management in all areas of our business. Sirius TLC employees are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and solutions that share our values ​​of integrity, innovation, quality, fairness and ongoing development.

Our specialists, who are familiar with petrochemical plants and spare parts, specialty chemicals, synthetic rubbers, monomers and polymers, offer optimal trading solutions and provide reliable advice in the field of logistics.
Sirius TLC will continue to grow and expand its core services as we work closely with our suppliers and strategic business partners to embrace change and explore new opportunities.
We are grateful for your interest in Sirius TLC and look forward to being “your service partner” dedicated to value creation.

Еvgeny Sutyaginskiy

Hand in hand to global success

  • Are you looking for a partner for the smooth technical operation of your production plants worldwide?
  • For the design, construction, procurement or modernisation of industrial plants?
  • For the worldwide transfer of economic or capital goods of any kind?
  • A visionary company with a wealth of experience, intuition, routine and a sophisticated economic network?
  • A team of specialists offering logistics, disposition and analysis?

Our team is there to support you. We will be pleased to assist you in reaching your goals.

Fields of activity



Foundation of Sirius TLC GmbH in Siegburg, Germany


Introduction of the QMS according to DIN ISO 9001:2008


Extension of the scope of services to include the polypropylene segment


Sirius TLC is certified according to ISO 9001:2015


New chemicals segment, from 2016 annual statements according to IFRS


Expansion to include the business segments water, natural rubber, alpha methylstyrene


We focus on capital goods for the manufacturing industry and related areas. We offer technical products from screws for high-bay systems to drive and control elements through to complete production systems.

We quickly and flexibly procure new parts and spare parts or materials for the following core areas: Hydraulics and pneumatics, rolling bearing technology, drive technology, line technology, lubricants and filtration, sealing technology, compressed air generation and processing, gluing/securing/cleaning, DIN and interchangeable parts, occupational safety and tools, construction machinery parts.

In addition, we offer a turnkey-service for drive and system technology. In cooperation with various partners, we implement more complex projects in large scale buildings or industrial plants for virtually every sector. The SIRIUS service portfolio includes analysis and consulting, customised plant design, delivery, assembly, documentation and maintenance. We also offer assistance in the modernisation of existing production plants and machinery.

Special electronic and electro-technical products effectively supplement our product range. We are independent from specific manufacturers, provide objective, benefit-oriented advice in the best interest of our customers.

Rubbers and special Chemicals

As a trading company with extensive market expertise and a detailed knowledge about products and product ranges, SIRIUS is your reliable partner for the global procurement of petrochemical products and standard polymers.
We are the independent, reliable and dynamic link between producers and consumers, ensuring long-term supplier relations, maximum availability, optimum supply capability and top reliability. In short: With efficient distribution channelling, we make sure that the right product gets to the right place at the right time in the right quality.

Sirius TLC currently owns the exclusive rights to distribute SBR rubbers manufactured by Omsky Kautchuk, Omsk Russia.


  • SBR 1500 (SDS)
  • SBR 1502 (SDS)
  • SBR 1705 (SDS)
  • SBR 1706 (SDS)
  • SBR 1712 (SDS)
  • SBR 1723 (SDS)


  • Nonylphenol
  • Diisopropylbenzene hydroperoxide
  • Diphenylamine
  • Aluminium chlorid anhydrous
  • Diethylhydroxylamine – DEHA
  • Stearic Acid
  • 4-Tert-butylcatechol (4-TBC)
  • Sodium hydroxymethylsulfinate – Rongalite
  • Trinatriumphosphat
  • Tert-Dodecylmercaptan
  • Castor oil
  • 12-Hydroxystearic Acid
  • TrilonB
  • Molybdenum disulfide
  • Irganox B 215
  • Richnox B 215
  • Sognox B 21 B
  • Sylobloc
  • Lewatit K 2431
  • Purolite PPA 500 Plus

Alpha-methyl styrene (AMS) – (SDS)

Polypropylene (PP) homo/co

Water and wastewater treatment

Sirius TLC GmbH offers systems and services for water and wastewater treatment. Through our large network, we offer engineering expertise and develop and implement solutions for various challenges in the area of water and wastewater treatment. Sirius TLC offers you partners for all your water treatment needs – from concept to commissioning.

We establish contact with the right partners for the development of processes and engineering solutions for water and wastewater treatment systems minimizing consumption and discharge. Our company specializes in providing tailored solutions to the industries, municipal authorities, institutions, private households and commercial segments to suit their specific needs of treated water requirements for utility & process applications.

Sirius TLC GmbH, together with its partners, offers complete solutions in all fields of water and waste water treatment from source to final disposal, recycle and reuse of the waste water.


We understand logistics as a multi-modal, comprehensive service, which encompasses both national and global solutions for logistics tasks. This includes the controlling and handling of truck and rail transport, air and sea freight. Also containers or other loads, e.g. general cargo, hazardous goods or temperature-controlled goods. We transfer trucks and buses. The organisation for accompanying documents and customs clearance for import/export activities is a matter of course.

SIRIUS project logistics covers the entire project and transport management for complex industrial plants. In detail, for example: route survey, feasibility studies, L/C processing, professional packaging, transport to packaging site, preparation of packing lists, order picking, container stowage, transport e.g. to the seaport, special transport and crane hire, shipping, customs clearance, transport to the construction site, placing of heavy goods on the foundation…

The handling of transports to Eastern European destinations (in and out) with heavy loads and excess width is one of our special areas. Here and throughout the world, we work together with renowned and proven logistics partners. Our multilingual agents on site ensure the fastest possible dispatch, optimum handling of the formalities and the shortest transit times. We develop partial or full cargo solutions in case regular transport is not possible.


SIRIUS-Consulting offers trade partners the opportunity to establish direct, new business relations. We also explore possibilities and market opportunities for new product launches. Through feasibility studies, we professionally evaluate economic parameters for the potential establishment of production sites. Additional services such as searching for personnel resources, management or recruiting are available on request. We also examine environmental parameters, official inquiry and approval procedures as well as legal requirements.

Due to our sound specialist knowledge, qualified contacts and our linguistic and cultural background, we are currently focusing on trade relationships between the West and the East.

We therefore mainly provide advice on partial aspects of our traditional business segments. With regard to technical planning, project-supporting measures, specific marketing, preparation of trade fair visits and access to networks or business associations/organisations, we provide support for existing and potential partners.





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